CGT helped me get my life back on track after the devastating loss of my younger sister to pancreatic cancer. I chose CGT because it was a targeted approach, and the regular therapy I had been doing did not seem to be helping. I was skeptical at first, I had been living with such profound grief for so long, but the exercises and tools I got from CGT helped me get near feelings I thought I couldn’t bare to get near. With the gentle support of an experienced therapist I found my way back to myself and to life…. the one my sister would have wanted for me and the one I want for myself.

I can say that the grief counseling/program was highly beneficial for me.  My husband’s death  was like a shadow in my daily life, following me everywhere, even more than 10 years after his passing. I read every book about grief that I could find and attended multiple grief group.  This grief counseling/program that I experienced … was miles above that and helped me tremendously.  I highly recommend it.

Being stuck in the grief and loss I was in felt like a form of mental torture. I am so very grateful that I was referred to [the therapist]. Her ability to listen and ask the right questions as well as her understanding and compassion toward what I had and was experiencing, brought profound relief. I am forever grateful that there are caring and dedicated professionals … out there. Through her, I discovered that there was a name for what I was going through and a proven path out of the suffering.

After I lost my one and only brother to cancer and my sister to brain tumor in one year and my nephew in off-campus fire I was very reluctant to seek any help. I didn’t think anything would help or bring them back. I felt 6 feet under till I met [the therapist], a few months after the therapy I could enjoy the music, smile, and move on in life. CGT for me worked like a miracle. I should say thank you for the research.