From the Founders

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that John, Natalia and myself have begun to launch the Complicated Grief Clinic of New York. Diagnosis and treatment of the syndrome of complicated grief has helped many people improve the quality of their life after a significant loss. We are thrilled to offer this treatment which enables individuals to address the complications of their grief and constructively move forward in the process of adaptation to loss. Tell us about your experience.

Nancy Turret

One thought to “From the Founders”

  • Nahid

    October 25, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    After I lost my one and only brother to cancer and my sister to brain tumor in one year and my nephew in off-campus fire I was very reluctant to seek any help. I didn’t think anything would help or bring them back. I felt 6 feet under till I met Dr. Natalia Skritskaya, a few months after the therapy I could enjoy the music, smile, and move on in life. CGT for me worked like a miracle. I should say thank you for the research.


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