All of us experience painful losses during our lifetime.
During the process of adaptation to loss, the intensity of our grief changes.
While grief is unique, most people adjust to their loss and rebuild a life moving forward.

Some people do not move forward. Instead, they remain stuck, and develop …

Complicated Grief

Complicated or prolonged grief is an unusually intense and persistent form of natural grief. When a person becomes stuck in complicated grief, powerful emotions dominate the person’s life. Intense feelings of longing and yearning for the deceased may persist accompanied by disbelief and inability to move forward with one’s life.

Complicated Grief Treatment

Complicated Grief Treatment was developed to help people who are suffering in this way. This treatment is an efficacious, short-term talk-therapy that is delivered over the course of 16-20 weeks. Treatment addresses the factors that have resulted in a person becoming stuck in intense feelings of grief and enables the adaptive process of grief to move forward. This treatment is evidence-based and was proven efficacious in three large National Institute of Mental Health-funded studies.

CGT helped me get my life back on track after the devastating loss of my younger sister to pancreatic cancer. I chose CGT because it was a targeted approach, and the regular therapy I had been doing did not seem to be helping. I was skeptical at first, I had been living with such profound grief for so long, but the exercises and tools I got from CGT helped me get near feelings I thought I couldn’t bare to get near. With the gentle support of an experienced therapist I found my way back to myself and to life…. the one my sister would have wanted for me and the one I want for myself.
– Lisa

Meet Our Therapists

Nancy JohnNatalia

Pioneers in the treatment of Complicated Grief

Our mission is to improve the lives of people who suffer with Complicated Grief. We have been trained in the Complicated Grief Treatment and continue to work with Katherine Shear, M.D., leading expert and researcher in the field of complicated or prolonged grief and director of the Center for Prolonged Grief at Columbia University.

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